An Exploration of Divination

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Entwined Tarot/Lenormand Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to teach tarot, Lenormand, and how to bring them together. Bringing the systems together so that they can bring more to the reading they provide.   This workshop is intended for people who want to learn to read tarot and Lenormand cards or are familiar with them.  To teach some of the history of tarot and why a reader would want to use tarot and Lenormand together in this way.

The focus will be on what I call an Entwined Melded Reading. An Entwined Melded Reading will provide intuitive guidance that will deal with how the external world may reflect someone internally. This layout will provide a structured format for guests to follow along with and to be able to ask questions of. The layout will also give everyone a base to operate what a Melded Reading could look like for their own personal practice. We will also practice this method during the workshop. **Guest are encouraged to bring their own tarot and Lenormand decks to the workshop.  I will not be able to provide enough for everyone. **Class will be limited to 8 participants**

Cost: $40 dollars per person.