Runes Mini Course

Fehu – The 1st Rune of Cattle or Productivity. A rune of preparations and putting in the work. Abundance and financial strength

Uruz the 2nd rune – rune of strength and manifestation. This rune gives you the ability to create the world around you with your will alone. Just be cautious of how you send out such a strong energy.

Thurisaz – 3rd rune – Rune of fights or free. This rune is a warning to take stock and consolidate before moving further. You may want to seek professional advice before making decisions. When I see this rune in a reading I always ask someone why they feel the need to fight with themselves. Release the inner struggle of self-doubt.

Ansuz the fourth rune – rune of Odin or communication. This is the rune of the word. What words do you need to express in your situation? Call on Ansuz (AHN-soon) to help you find the words you need. Calling on this rune is essentially calling on the higher power of god, whom ever that god is.

Raidho – the fifth rune. This is the rune of the journey. It indicates a journey someone is currently on, spiritual or otherwise

Kenaz the sixth rune. The rune of fertility and artistry. Let your passion burn bright. Pick up your torch and forge forward.

Gebo, 7th rune of gift – remember that each day is a gift waiting to be unopened. This rune indicates a gift of spirit, which to me means psychic awareness. It can also be a call to look at the nature of one’s interactions with others, especially in the area of emotions. Balance in an individual’s life which includes their environment.

Wunjo the 8th Rune – the run of joy and satisfaction. If this rune shows itself in a reading, then it suggests a positive interpretation for the surrounding runes. Success of any kind of shared activity.

Hagalaz the 9th rune of hail. I have also called this the rune of magic as there is a magic to change. This rune indicates change is coming! It can also indicate a destructive force like #hail that is a literal force of nature.