Personal Journey Creations

Personal Journey Creation – Designed to Empower You!
Custom and Melded Readings

Get a reading from James Neubauer of Spiritwolf Visions because unlike other readers, you get to pick your decks or runes from which you want to gain insight to create your own personal journey by melding or combining as many decks or runes as you wish. This allows you to bring into existence your personal journey creation. You will get all the messages from the reading that you need to empower you.

Pricing: Each reading is $20.00 individually for 20 minutes. You can meld or combine as many readings to create your journey with me. For each additional service is simply another $20.00 for 20 minutes.
Example: A Tarot reading is $20.00. A tarot and Lenormand reading is $40.00. A Tarot, Lenormand,
and Norse rune reading is $60.00

How to expand your personal journey by melding

  1. Pick at least two types of the following: Tarot, Oracle, Runes
  2. Mix and match how you like
  3. You are only limited by what you want to spend
  4. Enjoy the journey!

Earth Magic Oracle – Let the Earth speak to you through the various elements to provide sensible advice.
Sacred Traveler Oracle – Allows you to step behind the mystic veil to align
your spiritual existence.
Tarot – Providing the way forward with confidence and without fear.
Lenormand Oracle – Delivering the message you need in order to know how to change your circumstances.
Norse Runes – Dive into the well of knowledge into a journey to seek a clearer understanding.
Celtic Runes (Ogham) – Grow from your current situation by establishing
roots of perspective.
Angel Inspiration Oracle – Ask the angels for a gentle but firm message that you need to hear right now. They will provide answers to guide you forward.
Spirit Guided Oracle – Let spirit guide you on the journey ahead. Giving you
the direction you seek in a way that still provides you guidance.

Custom Reading – For when you need an answer but want some guidance.
Rather than choosing your own readings, lean on my expertise, and I will
design a custom reading using three different reading types, which will
include tarot, runes, and one intuitively guided choice. You will, without
being explicit, tell me a bit about the guidance you’re seeking, and I will
intuitively design the reading that will give you precisely what you need to
empower you to move forward.
Price – $60.00 for 60 miuntes