Intuitive Glyphic Art

What are glyphics?

Glyphist: A person who studies particular symbolic languages and is able to write in them.  Example: hieroglyphist

Areas of expertise: I specialize in Elder Futhark and Ogham languages and their symbolic meanings.

How would you like to see your name in an old written language brought back to life? These languages were first documented long ago. You will see the languages come to life with symbolic meanings, as each has a link to the specific culture of the old times.

How are they different?

Nordic Names

The Elder Futhark or Norse Runes have ties to animals, nature and the human experience that will lift what your name could mean to your awareness so that it can guide you into who you are.

Ogham Names

The Ogham is tied to the Celtic druid faith.  Each few/rune is tied to a tree or plant. This name could mean growth and awareness for who you are.

Melded Names

Mix and match your name with these options.  Your first name in Norse and last name in Celtic or however you like!  Unique to the way you choose!

What you will get?

You will receive your name written in runes, along with a written interpretation.   In the past, these languages were originally used for written communication.   In my project called “Intuitive Glyphic Art,” I am bringing back these languages to write your name with an interpreted message.

You will get an 8 x 10 board that I hand write everything on.



The cost is $20.00 per board per first and last name or business name.


This is an example framed.   But you will get an 8 x 10 board that I hand write everything on.