Personal Journey Creations: Tarot and Beyond.
Simple Beginnings:

As a child, I always felt different, seemingly knowing when someone needed to talk when they were experiencing emotional crisis. I also used to see spirits in my day to day life, which would scare me. I went through a period of time when I tried to be normal, because I didn’t know there were others like me. When I got older, I discovered that what I had was a gift. While I am making the journey to use my gift, I have learned that some of the things I could do as a child, like see spirits, has changed and I cannot do them now. My ability seems to have changed in the direction of knowing. I am clairsentient means that I tend to know things that I shouldn’t, however, I usually know things that the person already knows. I picked up a set of tarot cards back in 1998. I didn’t have a formal teacher, I learned how to do readings on my own with only a book and some guidance along the way from various people I encountered. I didn’t start reading for the public in a significant way until 2014, when Spiritwolf Visions was born!

The Dream:

Up until perhaps June of 2015, Spiritwolf Visions was always intuitive tarot readings.
That was until I had a dream that showed me tarot cards flying in a circle. On each card facing front was runes scribed around the sides. In the center of each card I saw wolves or werewolves on the images. When I woke up I looked for this deck. To my surprise, no such deck was in existence that I could find. That is when I realized perhaps, that the dream was not so literal. That I should try to look at it from another perspective, it’s when I realized that I should read runes with my tarot readings as a melded system.
During this journey, I had envisioned five runes for the reading I was planning to do. From my experience, rune readings were three stone readings, so I thought this was something new. That was until I looked into a rune book and discovered that such a reading already was in place.
The Dream Manifested:
That is how Spiritwolf Visions became what it is today. Following a dream that then lead to a journey, one where I realized I should read both tarot and runes in a melded reading system.
Spiritwolf Visions offers readings which will be a melding of tarot and runes to provide guidance. This is what I mean when I call it a melded reading. I use my intuitive ability to look at what the cards and runes say, in order to provide guidance. For all readings, I connect with your energy and channel from the higher power to deliver the correct message needed in the best way for someone to receive it.


Here I am, writing about this awakening that is happening to me right now. Many people are awakening now. We are all awakening at different points and at different times. What I mean is, that some of us that have been in the metaphysical world for some time now, are awakening at our own point while others are just opening up their eyes to this world.
Up until July of this year, and I was just looking at the timing of how the dream came to me three years ago around that same time. The universe is cosmically funny and yet impeccable timing. I went to this event I normally don’t go to. While preparing for that event I had made myself really learn the runes. Learn them well enough that I didn’t need a book anymore. I put all my books away that I used for reference, that I used as my crutch to hold me up when I wasn’t sure of myself. In that process, I just started to really rely on my intuition. I thought that Melded Readings were it for me. I didn’t think there would ever be more, or that I would ever do anything more then what I was, which was Tarot, Runes, and Melded Readings. As always, the universe had other plans and doorways where shown to me that I didn’t realize where even there.
August 8th 2017, I was at this shop I go to often when I have down time from work or when I want to be there for other reasons. I was there that day on a long break from work, and started talking to Gretchen Little. She pulled out this deck called the Lenormand which is an oracle and just started to play around with them. The deck spoke to me on levels that in the past oracles just never seemed to reach. So, then I started to play around with them. Again, the message was just so clear, and the layout was just so intuitive for me, that I just did it without thinking or needing anything to do it. I decided that I was buying that deck. On my way back to work, the thought crept into my head, a thought that I couldn’t ignore. Combine the runes with the Lenormand. I started to do that and tested it out. In that process, I realized the universe was genius in its gift to me of this layout. I saw the cross in it that could easily lay over the Celtic Cross I use in tarot. So, more melds, more layouts, more digging. And all the while though all of this, I have been feeling like I am on this pathway going somewhere fast. I don’t know where I am going, nor am I worried about that destination. It’s the journey that I am trying to follow and trust that the plan for me will work itself out in the end.

I went through graduate school and took a little break from Spiritwolf Visions.  When I came out the other side I was in a different place and as such the business needed to be in a different place.

This is when Personal Journey Creations: Tarot and Beyond was born.