Saturday March 5th 2018

While I had planned to be at Illuminations which is a  shop in Cedar Rapids for an event known as Beltain.   I decided to celebrate the event for myself by pulling down a demo deck called Life Purpose Oracle.   I went to the counter to have some space to play with the cards.   As I was shuffling, one card flew right out of the deck!  I turned it over and it was a card called Children.   I was drawn to pull more cards so I kept going with the shuffling.   I then pulled Spiritual Teacher and Writing next.  I kept thinking I should draw one more.   However, in my head I was hearing my own voice saying “no you have all the cards you need”.   So I just stopped and as I was trying to take a good photo, the person running the shop picked up the Children card and pealed off a fourth card!   It was Counseling.   Just very potent stuff as I just applied to a graduate program for Marriage and Family Therapy, I currently work with children, in some ways I am a spiritual teacher and I am in the process of writing a book.

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