September 30th, 2017

It was a busy day for me, I had just finished up my new project Manifesting Pathways at Illuminations.  Our first reading went really well.   Then I was off to Martha Krejci’s house for a pop up event that she was holding.   Martha had invited me and others to come share her space, which was very generous of her.  I first tried to set up outside, that wasn’t going to work.  It was a nice day out but very windy.  The wind kept blowing my table cloth around so I decided to move into the garage for my space.  After I had set up my table and got everything ready, I just sort of asked Martha if she wanted to be part of my testing for something new.   She was happy to agree to that and I told her what we were about to do.   I call it a Matrix Melded reading, and it takes in tarot, runes and oracle cards into one reading.   The very moment that I started to lay out the cards from this deck I bought, it was very telling.  This was the second time I had read for Martha and the first few cards were very her.   I can’t go into the entire reading, that was for Martha, but the point is, that the cards were very keen to speaking the message that needed to be heard.  After the readings, I was talking with Martha about how she felt it went and to get her thoughts on it.   As we talked I mentioned that I was really surprised that The Wheel of Fortune wasn’t in her reading.   The message was very keen on how things were getting moving in that sense.  So, I started to shuffle the cards facing away from me.   As I shuffled, I somehow made one card flip over after a point of shuffling.  The card that flipped up was The Wheel, Martha and I both laughed.

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