August 25, 2017

I was at Illuminations yesterday waiting for my massage. I had really hurt my neck in some way.  While I was waiting I was chatting with the shop owner about this and that.  I decided to walk over to the tarot card session just to have a look.  Mind you, this is a habit of mine no matter what store I am at.   I have this deep interest in tarot decks, and their art.   I like to see what decks are out there.   Anyway, I saw the dragon tarot, which I own but have been meaning to buy a new one.   I bought it, and after some more chatting, I went back to the shelf in the shop with the cards.   There has been this dragon oracle deck sitting there for some time.  I have always been curious but, didn’t want to buy them due to not knowing what the deck looked like in totality.  So, I grabbed it and asked the shop owner if we could open the box.   She was happy to oblige my request, making the box into a demo deck.  I started to look though the deck and in my mind, was thinking how interesting that all these cards would line up to the major arcana of tarot.   I started to talk to the owner again about my thoughts after reading some of what the insert book said.   As we are chatting I went to refer to the book to read to her some of what the book listed as meanings for the cards in the box.  I started to laugh a bit as right there in the book it listed that the card did indeed line up to the major arcana and it told which carded in the deck lined up with which arcana card.  Nothing like intuition to tell you what something is before you know what it is.  I didn’t end up buying the deck that day, but who knows maybe in the future.

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