March 18, 2017

Friday evening, I was talking with my good friend and marketer Allison who you can contact at Allison and I were talking about when to set up some time to meet on Saturday to create a webpage and sign for Spiritwolf Visions. We were talking about when I should come over.  I mentioned noon, so, I put her on my appointment book at noon. She says it can be later than that as she functions best later in the day. I changed it to 3 pm but only told her that I would come sometime after one. This was also partly due to my own want to not have to wake up before noon.  Also, I felt that 3pm would be a better time to go over to her house.  The next day she asked if I wanted to go to a movie. She tells me that they are going at, 3 pm. I look today and noticed that I had put that time.

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