March 6, 2017

I was talking to my friend April on Facebook chat. Just chatting about how my study of the runes was going. Conversation turned to the weather and how it might be the cause of my sudden associations of some runes to tarot cards. So, then the following conversation happens.

Me: I am doing flashcards of runes I don’t know to really learn them and things just are clicking in that were not there before.
just making associations to major arcana of tarot.

April: Must be the ionization in the air from the storm–I have heard that enhances paranormal stuff

Me: naw this has been happening since I started doing the flashcards a week ago,

April: Oh well then color me wrong lol

Me: What color would you like: Grey?

(I am joking at this point)

April: Prepare to shit yourself for saying that
(she shares an image of her in a grey top.)

Me: shit…

April: Yah and wearing grey shorts.

All from a joke.

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